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Through the Sky

2021 | 5 min 48 s | Animation | Producer Olga Loyanich | Director and Artist Den Hook

In this philosophical animated film, director and artist Denis Kryuchkov delves into the human experience, where feelings of fear and uncertainty give place to the joy of rediscovering purpose and trust in the world, which feels like "flying." However, this balance is fleeting, and it is not so easy to maintain it. The protagonist embarks on a journey that spans a lifetime, from birth to death, and as he encounters the twists and turns of fate and the trials of faith, he finds himself asking the question, "Am I flying or am I falling?"

The minimalist whiteboard animation perfectly conveys the thought-provoking theme of the short parable through its visual imagery, highlighting the fickleness of human self-perception and the importance of seeking answers both externally and within oneself. Сontrol and the absence of control, support and the lack of support, love and separation, affection and loneliness… By making another choice on the path of life or avoiding it, one invariably faces the consequences, the ups and downs.

The film is based on a story by Anatoly Dobrozhan known for his work on the popular web series "Mr. Freeman". The suspenseful and lyrical music "Inner Flight" by guitar virtuoso Estas Tonne adds integrity and thought-provoking quality to the work.

The film premiered on Russian Report YouTube channel. It is also available on Russian streaming services MTS TV, Megafon TV, and Okko.

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