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5th Moscow  Biennale | 2013 | special project | curator, artist of Foundation of Cultural Innovations "Saturnaliy" | MosChaos | Moscow

Original text for the 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art Special Projects catalogue

The actual condition of contemporary art discourse reveals its exhaustiveness. The art domain seems removed from the common people, yet at the same time the ordinary everyday life, mainstream culture and government machine, altogether appropriate and adopt all postmodernist strategies which derive from the art practice. Our habitat is more art than art itself, while either art produced by today is contemporary art.

Thereupon, in the actual situation the artist becomes the only guardian of order and cosmic purpose, moral crusader, keeper of ethic standards, doer of rite and order, that keeps the world from falling apart. The artist is the propel of universal rhythm, leading civilisation by the way of perfection, towards self-divinity.

Range expansion is of vital importance in contemporary art. Judgement on such collateral practices, as traditional, realist, naive, outsider art, children's crafts, industrial, mechanical arts and handicraftsman-ship, is a matter of revision. Question of autonomy and hierarchy of art forms is meaningless in the face of art's policy, its shared problem, which is a quest for unfigured, unseen, unheard creative forces that visual arts make visible, and music makes audible. Particularly these forces demand rethinking of arts' approach to the market, as today's business manoeuvres corrupt the wholeness of the cultural paradigm.

We intend to build a united area, a shared space for collective creative work, both for established and emerging artists and other creative professionals, of various schools and different areas. Through joint efforts there will be built a boundless multimedia installation that abolishes all margins across the exposition and its production, art and non-art. While joining The Game, viewers are forced to reconsider their own character, as they bear responsibility together with the Artist.

Exhibition and manufacturing activities are of educational, exploratory, laboratorial nature for all the entrants. The declared ludic principle provides the conceptual basis for CultZavod MosChaos.

Mentioned activities of MosChaos are the core of the on-going exhibition “Tetractys”. – Foundation for Cultural Innovation Saturnaliy

“Tetractys at the MosChaos Art Centre. Its eclectic array of works by Russian artists, in decrepit industrial premises, is what the Moscow Biennale used to (and should) be all about”. – Simon Hewitt, art historian & critic.

Participating artists:

Alexey Androsov, Alexander Alef Wiseman, Alexander Krivoshapkin, Andrey Mitenev & Olga Khan, Andrey Kolosov, Anna Nikolaeva, Anton Olshvang, Arseniy Vlasov, Bronislav Vinogrodskiy, Valeria Nibiru,Vlada Trubacheva, Victor Zaks, Valentin Korzhov, Hermes Zygott, David Ru, Den Kryuchkov, Dmitry Pankin, Elena Turgeneva, Ilya Gureev, Igor Starkov & Daria Andreeva, Kamilla Lyubart, Katya Zvereva, Katyasha Chalaya, Ekaterina Abramova, Leha Garikovitch, Marja Lvova, Marja Dmitrieva, Masha Naimushina, Mari-Anna Abovyan, Maxim Emelyanov, Mitya Nesterov, Natasha Severnaya, Natalya Melnik, Olga Kashimbekova & Gleb Katchuk, Oleg Tyrkin, Pavel Peppershtein, Gruppa Rossiya, Rouslan Kengie, Sergey de Rocambole, Sergey Anufriev, Sergey Medvedev, Sergey Prokofiev, Sergey Sonin & Elena Samorodova, Sergey Potapov, Ustina Yakovleva, Ukhto Group, Yuri Balashov, Yuri Shabelnikov, Sergey Dozhd, Lia Kiise, Ultra Violet (France/USA), Andrea Stanislav (USA), Dean Lozow (USA), Xavier Zimbardo (France), Justice Marchi (USA), Marikama (USA), AHA

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