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Russian Raid

2020 |1h 34 min | Fighting action | Producer Olga Loyanich | Director Den Hook

Denis Kryuchkov and Olga Loyanich's first full-length collaboration was a thrilling action film that filled a gap in the Russian box office. Inspired by classic western action films of the 1980s and 1990s, the filmmakers added a unique Russian touch to the genre. The film, released by the renowned distribution company Central Partnership, was a massive success, attracting audiences in Russia, Canada, Latin America, China, Japan, and Europe. With millions of views online and a large cinema audience, the film quickly became a box office hit. It is now available for streaming on Okko subscription-based streaming service.

The story of "Russian Raid" draws parallels to the stories of raider takeovers from the 1990s. The band of criminals has devised a foolproof plan to take over a factory, complete with insider help, precise maps of the grounds, political connections, and hacking support. With the element of surprise and a well-trained team of henchmen on their side, the raid seems like a sure success. However, it quickly becomes a bloodbath as the gang's leader has an ulterior motive for the raid. Money and the factory are not his top priority, but rather a quest for justice and revenge.

Hollywood screenwriter Robert Orr, known for his work on "Sniper," was enlisted to pen the script, drawing on the factual information provided by the project's creators, as well as real-life cases from Olga Loyanich's background as a former investigator.

Although the film was not intended to be a direct representation of actual events, similarities with Russian reality come through, since many Russian regions are still experiencing the lasting impact of the 1990s. The story is centered around a man who takes matters into his own hands after being unable to find justice through the legal system. The theme of raiding serves as a backdrop for the hero's actions.

Ivan Kotik, an actor, martial artist, and stunt performer from Jackie Chan's team, took on the lead role in the film. He also choreographed the signature fight scenes, imbuing his character with a distinct personality. Along with the genre elements, the film explores pressing themes, such as the role of violence in society. Is violence acceptable when it's used to restore justice? Is it possible to find one's place in a post-war reality?

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