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GazGallery Project

2006-2010 | Founder, curator, artist  | GazGolder  | Moscow

The European Renaissance was a rebirth of ancient traditions as they were understood in XIV-XVI centuries. Nowadays in a rapidly changing media society, we face the possibilities of a New Renaissance, which is not a rebirth of ancient traditions, but a comprehensive revival of what has been accumulated by humanity.

First and foremost, the New Renaissance is possible in Russia because Russian artists, unlike their European and American counterparts, live in the midst of a strong historical memory. Russian artists are the only remaining keepers of the traditions of the European avant-garde. According to this idea, GazGallery proclaims a beginning of a new art trend or a new art school.


GazGallery is not just another location on Moscow’s art map. Dynamic creative conditions exist which lead us to brand-new types of art work and also to a new kind of experience for the spectator. We do our best to create harmonious surroundings where anyone can create and make art, trusting that every man is an artist.

The basic program idea of GazGallery is a transformation of existing conditions of perception. The main traditional approach of experiencing art consists of observing art works as stationary objects while moving from one object to the other. However there’s little we can see under such circumstances — because, according to the laws of perception, the human field of vision isn’t static and our vision is constantly in motion. Here in GazGallery we are eager to break this traditional mode by turning it upside down. In GazGallery art works will, literally, pass before the immovable spectator. Correctly selected speed of movement guides and deepens the viewer’s perception. The viewer gets inside the artwork.

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