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Full Contact

2018 |Short | Drama | Producer Olga Loyanich | Director Den Hook

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Welcome to the captivating new world of social media! On cozy personal pages with familiar friends, it's easy to share witty remarks, quotes, and worldly wisdom at the touch of a button. You can control who gets to comment and ban detractors. But real life is a different story. It's less comfortable, more hostile, and less predictable. You simply can’t control it. While social media provide a haven from life's difficulties, where would you go when you want to escape from social media? Is it even possible to escape from oneself? The creators of this short drama explore the theme of escaping reality, which has become a prevalent drug-like coping mechanism for many in the digital age. The film was premiered in collaboration with the social network "Vkontakte" and received over 2 million views.

Oleg, played by Artyom Semakin (also starred in "Down House," "Patient Zero"), screwed up in business and personal life. A successful start-up career, a luxurious apartment in Moscow City, and a beautiful girlfriend are gone because without investments, this kind of reality bursts like a bubble in no time. Oleg turns to the Internet to find comfort in a highbrow discussion, but the online interaction gets out of his control. Oleg's online image is threatened by exposure, and when his opponent pressures him, Oleg loses the last bits of self-control. Who is this anonymous tormentor hiding behind the screen? Are they truly impeccable, or just wearing another mask?

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