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'I Believe' project by Oleg Kulik| 2007| GazGroup | Winzavod| Moscow

Pinocchio Land

A project that gives the viewer the opportunity to choose their own path!

Walking the paths of the labyrinth and wandering in an occasional dead-end, or cul-de-sac, the viewer finds himself in a situation which represents the various emotional moments in the life of a person – both like the mythological dead-ends of victories and moments of truth initiation in the atmosphere of a modern metropolis.

The central object of this installation is a Tele-Altar, which consists of 40 television sets,all projecting the images of 40 Slavonic Icons  from the 16th to the 20th century.  These icons are from the private collection of Victor Bondarenko. 

 The Twentieth Century saw the birth of the television as a modern icon for human civilization.  The Tele-Altar reflects the interaction of ancient archaic forms and modern media systems inside the technological progress of the 20th century.

Fragments of Sergey Shutov’s installation “Abak” (2001) were used in the formation of the cul-de-sacs and Dmitri Dyulfan’s lamp. Oleg Kulik is the curator of project “I Believe.” Within the bounds of the exhibition “I Believe” the Gaz Group presents a performance of the Orchestra of Unknown Instruments (О.Н.И.)

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